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HD Series PTC-113

The Mikami HD Series are compact, high-resolution and high-quality security cameras with swivel base for out-door use, which enable surveillance with no blind spots. The Mikami HD Series are connectable with the latest communication methods as well as exsiting ones like H.264. 

The MIKAMI HD series are compact, high-resolution and high-quality security cameras with swivel base for out-door use, which enable surveillance with no blind spots. And transmits the image data that it compressed to H.264 by the latest communication method.



PTC-113-HD Series Top >Specifications for PTC-113II-HDSDI

Specifications for PTC-113II-HDSDI

External Refer to the external of view
Set Outdoor
Setting Condition Upright
Power Supply AC100V±10%(50/60Hz)
For over AC100V power supply use step-down transformer.
Power consumption 89W(max.) 92W(max.)
Standby power at Ecology mode 15W(Except for lamp)
Environment temperature -20°~+45°
Relative Humidity 90% or lower
Dust and water-proof grade IP65
Survival wind speed Can work with wind speeds less than 40m/s.
Control method RS-485(MIKAMI protocol (Pelco-P/D option)

LAN model:100Base-TX(Transmission Distance:50m or lower)                
Optical model:100Base-FX(Transmission Distance:2~30km,1 core SM optical fiber Cable)

Camera Address ID001~225 -
Preset positions 255 positions
Standard equipments Fan, Wiper, Defroster glass, Heater
Surge protection Power/RS-485 line  AC・LAN
Material and coating process Corrosion-resistant aluminum, AES resin, munsell 5Y8/1
Weight Approx.8.7kg
Specifications for camera
Pick-up element 1/2.8 type CMOS image sensor
Picture element 3,270,000pixel (Progressive mode,Fixed) 3,270,000pixel (Progressive mode,Fixed)
Video format 720p/60、720p/50
1920 x 1080p ~ 320 x 180p
Minimum intensity of illumination on object 1.7 lx(color), 0.3 lx(mono-chrome)
  0.005 lx(mono-chrome and High-sensitivity)
Other function Backlight compensation(ON/OFF/WDR),
High-sensitivity(mono-chrome/Slow shutter),
White balance(ATW/AWB/Manual)
Specifications for lens
Magnification 30 times/12 times(Electronic zoom)
Focal length f/4.3~129mm
Angle view Horizontal 59.9°(W)~2.1°(T)
Vertical 35.6°(W)~1.2°(T)
Iris Range F1.6(W)~ 4.7(T)
Min.Object Distance 10mm(W)~1200mm(T)~Infinity
Autofocus One-push/Stop AF/ Continuous
Specifications for pan and tilt head
Angle  Horizontal ±175° Horizontal 360°(Endless)
Vertical ±90°
Speed Horizontal 120°/s.,Vertical 45°/s.(at preset)
Horizontal 0.1~30°/s.,Vertical 0.1~15°/s.(at Manual)
Stop accuracy ±0.3°or lower
OSD Impossible Possible
Other functions Auto panning, Sequential, Privacy mask
Halogen lamp 150W(optional)
Watt capacity 150W 1pcs
Power consumption (lamp ON) 239W
Irradiation distance Approx. 50m(1.26 lx)
Exposure range φ12m
Life time of lamp about 1500h
Picture at the time of the irradiation Color image (By setting, monochrome indication is possible)
Use and purpose

Threat,when at the night, the monitoring by the color is necessary.

Near Infrared LED illuminator(optional)
Wavelength 870nm±50nm 1pcs
Power consumption 96W
Irradiation distance Approx. 50m
Exposure range φ14m
Life time of lamp about 5000h
Picture at the time of the irradiation Monochrome image
Use and purpose The monitoring that it is not noticed by an intruder monitoring
is necessary by night monochrome.